Bringing East Van to Nor Cal

Hey pals, turns out I ended up getting that one-bedroom in Redwood City at the Sequoia! I'm super excited—now all I need is my visa. Haaaa...not nervous about that at all.

To distract myself from the anxiety of playing the waiting game, I've been gathering up all the things that make my place feel like home. Many of these items were either made by someone I care about, or bought from an independent maker. I plan on bringing these with me to goon up my space just the way I like it.


I love stones and crystals, just don't ask me what they're called or what they do. I'm not versed in crystals but I do like bringing natural materials in my home. I got these from Neighbourhood Quality Goods


Adam was experimenting with shaping wood into simple decor and this was the result. I wish I could take that wall with me too!


I love this kilim so much. I'm going to lay it across my couch for all that colour and texture. I got it from Good Omen in New Westminster.


This was a Christmas present to myself. It's a hand-hooked pillow designed by Gentle Thrills and her mom.


I scoured my Instagram, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the lovely woman who designed and made this pillow. I met her at Fall for Local though, so that's a clue. I'll update this when I find out! UPDATE: It was made by Nadine Nevitt!


Adam bought me this neon beast for Christmas. I try to always support independent designers before big stores, but I do appreciate how Anthropologie does small runs with makers. It's nice exposure for the artists, I suppose. That's how I discovered the dress maker Eva Franco. Her embroidered dresses are beautiful. The next time I have an excuse to go all-out on a dress, I'm ordering one from her site. 


I bought this cotton blanket from the Drake General Store and got one for my pal Emily too.


Here's another pillow from Anthropologie. This one I've had for a few years, and a few different homes. It used to be designated as a "no touch" pillow because I wanted to retain its shape. After a while I relaxed about it, and now it's the lovely faded pancake you see here. :p


I have a bunch of my friend Sarah's prints (and a pornographic air freshener too!), but this one has always felt special to me. I think it reminds me of Adam and his Doukhobor background. 


I framed this photo of my mom years ago. The back is all falling apart but I just keep taping it back together—it's also got seashells taped to the back for some reason. 


These two red lamps are coming with me. Both were found by Adam in various alleyways. Same with that speaker, which is also making the trip to Nor Cal.


My friend Emily gave me this Palo Santo from Woodlot to burn in my new home :) This pottery by Kalika Bowlby was found at Much & Little on Main Street.

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